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SOLD! Bat Detector - V1.32 - Orange LED

$90.00 each

Real working bat detector!

My bat detectors will let you listen to bat activity around you. They can hear bats to a distance up to about 100 feet away. They will easily sense bats around you. We use them often at home and while camping or on the water kayaking. I have been making and using bat detectors for more than 6 years. This is my latest version, packaged in a plastic box. This bat detector has an orange LED.

This bat detector is almost like the larger plastic box bat detector on this website, just a little smaller and the electronics a little more refined. This bat detector was made January 15, 2022. The unit you see in the photos is exactly what you will receive. Since it is winter in Wisconsin, I have not had a chance to test the detector with real bats but other testing shows the detector will work well.

Bats use a remarkable high frequency system called echolocation to hunt for insects in the dark. Echolocation works in a similar way to sonar. Bats make calls as they fly and listen to the returning echoes. A bat can tell how far away something is by how long it takes the sound to return to them. These calls are usually at a frequency too high for humans to hear naturally. This detector digitally divides that high frequency so that humans can hear it. Just set it on a table outside at dusk and listen. In the early evening, you can often see the bats that are detected.

Using the bat detector is easy.

There are two switches and a volume control. One switch controls the power, the other is a dimmer for the LED. Turn the detector on, adjust the volume control, point where you expect bats. It is good to place the detector standing upright on a flat surface. Holding in your hand is fine, but you must keep a firm grip on the detector to avoid making noise. Audio from this bat detector is not very loud! It is plenty for a few people together who may be talking but maybe not so good for a large party. You may notice that your detector can hear sounds other than bats. There are insects that will become audible with the detector, as well as man made sounds.

I understand that pet rat giggles can be heard with bat detectors, not tested by me but sounds interesting! Look here for info on rat giggles:

This bat detector is built in an inexpensive plastic box to keep your cost down. I make other versions in copper and/or glass boxes, they cost $140 - $240 simply because of the packaging. This unit works just as well for less cost!

There is a standard 9 volt battery inside. Battery should last at least 12 hours, up to about 30 hours. Any kind of standard size 9 volt rechargeable or one time use 9 volt battery should work fine.

How does a bat detector work?

This bat detector works by picking up the ultrasonic sounds made by bats (also other creatures and things) via a microphone, the sound then goes through two stages of amplification with a little high pass filtering. The signal then goes to a digital chip which divides the audio by 16 resulting in a sound that can be heard by humans. That signal then goes through a filter to make it sound a bit better and remove some of the high frequency sound to avoid feedback. After that a volume control, then a standard amplifier drives the speaker.

  • Please note, returns of working bat detector will incur a $40 fee, you pay postage both ways. You will not receive a full refund if you return a working bat detector. 

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