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Lightning Detector - Edge Lit Lightning Bolt (SOLD)

$250.00 each

This lightning detector has been sold

If you are interested in a lightning detector similar to this, please email Sirius -


This is a lightning detector that picks up the electromagnetic component of lightning strokes. The detector will pick up some lightning about 50 miles away (rough guess). It is much more sensitive to local lightning, as you can see in the video. When a storm approaches the detector begins to flash much more often. The lightning detector will also respond to local electrical noise such as turning a light on, a refrigerator motor starting, cell phones, etc.

Video of this lightning detector in action:
The detector does not flash this fast all the time, only when a storm is in the area. With no storms anywhere nearby, the flash rate is only once every few minutes.

This lightning detector was made by Chuck Pound, June 2019. That is, I drew and etched the lightning bolt, made the box, built all of the electronics. The detector uses a coil of wire on a spool as it came from the seller to pick up the lightning signal.

The unit resonates at about 10kHz. The lightning detector is housed in a copper box (FR-4 circuit board) with an edge lit glass display. The lightning bolt is etched on glass with bright white surface mount LEDs attached to the bottom. The detector coil is exposed on the back of the box along with the simple controls (on-off and sensitivity). The unit runs on standard 120VAC or 9V battery.

  • No returns if the unit has been damaged, modified, or altered in any way! 
  • Returns only if unit is not as described. 
  • Unit will be very well packed for shipping. 
  • Ask for shipping insurance to be added to your invoice, before you pay, if you feel shipping insurance is needed. We will not be responsible for loss in the mail or mis-delivery.
  • Any questions, please ask! (Contact Us)

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