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Made in USA! Mineral Point, WI

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Geiger Counter - Glass Top Version
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$300.00 each

Hand Made Geiger Counter

This is a real Geiger counter, artistically hand made by Chuck Pound in September 2019. This radiation detector uses a Geiger Müller tube (Soviet surplus SBM-20) to detect Beta particles, Gamma rays, and X-rays, it will not detect Alpha radiation. The box is made from copper clad FR-4 printed circuit board (copper clad fiberglass). The top is made of glass so that you can see all of the electronics inside. The glass top is made of "water glass" which adds just a bit of wavy distortion when you look through it (artistic!). This all results in a nice looking copper and glass desktop conversion piece. Oh yeah, this is the third Geiger counter in this series, the first and second versions were sold in our shop. Three more have been special ordered to be delivered for Christmas 2020.

This Geiger counter can be used for testing Vaseline glass, radioactive fiestaware, radium watches (please be careful), dryer lint, and other similar items. DO NOT RELY ON THIS DEVICE FOR HEALTH OR SAFETY REASONS. FOR EDUCATION AND ENTERTAINMENT ONLY!


Calibration of this device is only relative, more lights only mean more radiation detected. They do not necessarily indicate the danger of said radioactivity, but they do look pretty! Instructions will be provided with your purchase. There are some accessories available also, please contact us for details.

For more accurate readings, this Geiger counter can be attached to an Android device such as a cell phone, tablet, etc. or a Windows computer. You may be able to use the device with iOS/Mac devices, but that has not been tested as I do not own any iOS or Mac devices.

You can connect the Geiger counter to the microphone input of an Android device to get more accurate readings using "RadMeter" from Google play. A cable can be provided on request. The Geiger counter can also be connected to a Windows computer running special software. Using a computer you can keep records, upload data to your own web page, or to to share your background radiation readings with other people, click the link to see these readings, my Geiger Counter is on the map in southwest Wisconsin. The software is available for free on, though I would suggest some donation to be offered if the software does what you need. There are other Windows software available, but they have not been tested. A special cable makes it easier to connect to a Windows computer, available at or I can send one to you with the unit for an additional cost.

Free Shipping to lower 48 US states! Only one available! Of course, I can and will make more...

  • Returns only if unit is not as described. 
  • Unit will be very well packed for shipping. 
  • Ask for shipping insurance to be added to your invoice, before you pay, if you feel shipping insurance is needed. We will not be responsible for loss in the mail or mis-delivery.
  • Free USPS shipping! Want it faster? Select Priority Mail service when paying.
  • Any questions, please ask! (Contact Us)

I will repair the unit for free (you pay to ship it to me) if it fails within 65 days of shipping date, as long as the unit has not been physically damaged, modified, or altered in any way. That is, if the electronics fail for no apparent reason, I'll fix it. If you drop it, open the box and damage the electronics, or something like that, I may be able to fix it for a fee. Free repair does not include the Geiger-Muller tube. If the Geiger-Muller tube fails a fee will apply and repair may take a month or longer, to obtain a replacement. You must contact us before returning the Geiger counter. Condition decision will be made by seller.


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